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The Mother Nature

I have been asked to list seven things you don't know about me for the lovely Paul & Paula, here goes.

1. I don't like going to sleep.

2. I hate waking up! (I know weird huh!)

3. I have vinegar on all my meals.

4. I have never drunk a cup of coffee, but love coffee cake.

5. I am only 5ft tall or 1.52m.

6. I am currently dying my hair red then brown for the winter (have to do red or it goes green being blonde).

7. I have sailed all over the world and been sea sick in every country.

Yes I was on deck at this time. Corsica in September and there were two others at the same time. Fun, fun, fun. You have got to love Mother Nature.

That was harder than it looks and the Mr was no help. See you all tomorrow.

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