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I Love California!

Hello all, well it is a pyjama day today, the heating is on, the rain is still falling and the blanket is out. Oh sounds so cosy and chic, until you see the state of me. I am not chic, my pj's do not match and although I have a mini sweatshirt on with silver thread the polka dot bottoms and mismatched socks are a hot mess. Hehe I am even sporting my new heeled shoes at the moment as well, and gorgeous as they are I look like I am about to go to a bad taste party.

So I though I needed some lounge wear inspiration and I thought of Toast and yes, their new Christmas catalogue is full of cosy and chic looks. So I thought I would share them with you all, enjoy.

California Republic

Textures, layers and a sexy borrowed from the boys hint.

A great knit jacket with long soft socks, humm time to re think my use of big knits.

Don't forget the traditional flannel two piece, perfect for Christmas morning.

Now I am off to re think some cosy pieces that I already own and throw out anything with holes etc that should never be seen by a loved one or yourself when you catch a glance in the mirror. You know the pieces I mean, we all have them. Be brave and move on to a new chic and cosy you this winter, you deserve it.

Happy Monday my lovelies. ax

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I Love California! + trip